Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sentinel

"The Sentinel" is a piece of art on RIT's campus that is quite abstract, but I'll do my best to interpret it. Broken down, this piece is actually pretty simple. It is a few large pieces of metal bound together and sits in the near the front entrance of campus as a landmark, but why was it put there? And what does it mean?

In my opinion, the metal contents of the structure represent strength. It is amazing to think how something so heavy and tall stays together when it appears that the pieces are barely attached to each other. The artist most likely did this on purpose because strength is a characteristic one would use to represent a successful institute.

Helmer would agree that the purpose of this icon is to "make a mark on the world". It represents the creativity and strength of RIT and being located at the front entrance of campus, it is one of the first structures visitors see when the come to RIT. It has success as a signature of RIT, because it is a common place many students choose to meet up at because it is easy to find, being over 30 feet tall.

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