Sunday, September 9, 2012


A photo I took from the top of the Grand Canyon.
Visual phenomenons that never cease to capture my attention are landscapes, typically nature ones. I am one who loves to travel and will never turn down an opportunity to experience a new destination. I have a bucket list of places that I plan to travel to sometime in my life and this summer, I was fortunate enough to knock one of those off my list, the Grand Canyon.

Most people have the same initial response when they see the Grand Canyon for the first time. It's an overwhelming feeling of amazement as you become consumed by the natural beauty of this vast landscape that took millions of years to form. One cannot help but to stare in awe. This photo does not justify seeing the Grand Canyon first hand, but it does give you an idea of how gargantuan and breath taking it truly is.

In context, I took this photo for my personal remembrance. This is most likely the only time this photo will be displayed publicly, and it might not have significance to many people, but every time I see it I will remember the once in a life time opportunity I had to hike the Grand Canyon. Those who have also been to the Grand Canyon are likely to have similar emotions evoked. It is a display of experience, but also the miracle of nature.

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