Sunday, September 16, 2012

Burton Kramer

CBC logo
There were two things I found particularly interesting about Burton Kramer's presentation. One was the sheer amount of worked he produced in his lifetime. He has designed for hundreds of organizations while maintaining quality throughout his work. It astounds me how he did not run out of ideas. Kramer mentioned how he enjoyed using shapes and geometry in his work. This is prevalent in one my favorite designs by him, the CBC logo.

Another thing I found interesting about Burton Kramer was the fact that he produced all of his work without a computer. I can use a computer to design, but I would have no idea where to start if I had to design something without one. This strengthened my respect for him as a designer.

LineDance 3C
While Burton Kramer is unarguably a talented designer, I personally don't believe his designs reflect what popular in contemporary design. A look at his piece LineDance 3C gives me an "80's wallpaper" vibe. I don't personally find this art as appealing as his earlier work, but it is open to interpretation. A combination of different sized, asymmetric shapes gives a feeling of movement in this particular piece.  The proximity of the shapes makes it feel is if one is looking down on a city. The two red triangles on opposite sides of the canvas contrast the rest of the shapes. They display a brighter red and that pushes the eye across the piece. I think of a subway map in the 80's because of the pastel colors and the longer lines that could represent a train or a station.

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